5 People One Guitar…and it’s awesome!

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Okay so I’m jumping on the bandwagon here…in fact my mother…yes, MY MOTHER was the one to show this to me and I’m now a huge fan of this group because they do some really creative stuff in their other videos as well. It seems as though the real brains behind the operation is the guy in the middle as …

Shawn Mullins – “Lullaby”

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One of my favorites…much better hearing it stripped down like this too.  Why is it so good?  Because he plays with a lot of feel…I can’t stand when someone plays acoustic without feel…and it should be illegal for a guy to have that rich a voice when speaking and then be that smooth singing the chorus as well!

“Mourning Dove” by Michael Ramsey

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My father-in-law got into carving again this year. One morning he saw a dove on his lawn and snapped some pictures to use as inspiration for his latest creation. I am a lover of all things creative, so I had to make this little video and share his creation.

Golfing Bountiful Ridge

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Isn’t great to spend time with friends?  It’s been a long time since Billy and I spent as much time with each other as we have this week.  Monday we did 18 at Schneiter’s Riverside, Tuesday we did 18 at Bountiful Ridge, Friday we did 9 at the Bluff and he just called me for another 9 this afternoon.  It’s …