The Synagogue Ruler

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Jairus' daughterI want to make my thoughts clear today without offending anyone so hopefully you can see the deeper meaning behind what I am writing without me spelling it out for you.  When you hear of the word “Pharisee” or “Sanhedrin” or any other Jewish leader title in the New Testament, what do you think of?  For me, I admit I always think of religious fakes with no inner faith.  However, they weren’t all like that.  True, the ones who got the ink were pretty hypocritical and far from God.  But what about Nicodemus?  Surely his heart was one that wanted to know God or he wouldn’t have approached Jesus in the first place.

In Luke 8 a man named Jairus (the synagogue ruler) is listening to Jesus speak.  His daughter dies during the conversation and he is alerted to this.  He is told “Don’t bother the teacher anymore.” (v. 49).  Yet Jesus in his kindness heals his daughter and asks them not to tell anyone.

I wonder what life must have been like for that man from that point on.  Imagine if his buddies started ridiculing this Jesus in his presence.  Wouldn’t that be awful?  Do I stand up for the one I love or respect their wishes.

My point, and I am sorry for the vagueness, is that we can’t judge people in our communities based on their religious grouping as being all the same.  Not all are combative toward the true Christ of the Bible.  We must treat them with kindness and share love.