Schneiter’s Golf Course

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I got a chance to redesign the site for my local golf course last fall.  I love playing at Schneiter’s Bluff as it’s just around the corner from my house and as it matures it’s turning into quite a beautiful spot to play.  Anyway, the site is really 3 sites…one for Schneiter’s Bluff Golf Course, one for Schneiter’s Riverside Golf Course and one for an online store.  While I may redesign it this fall, it was a pretty good interpretation of what the old site was with some great new additions.

One of the changes I was able to make was to give the ability to post scores each week for the different associations…categories works well for that type of thing.

Secondly, I was able to give association sponsors a real home on the site that they didn’t have before.  I think this will greatly improve the marketing potential of such sponsorships.

You can check out the redesigned site at