Genesis 1 (50 Days – Day One)

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You may not know, but there is a fierce debate over Genesis 1:1. In this day of amazing scientific breakthrough, it is easy to look at the first words of the Bible and pick a fight. In one corner, skeptics will ask legitimate questions of God’s Word… Why does the Bible say the earth and universe were created at the …

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New Song – “Escape Your Love”

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Okay, there’s a song I wrote a couple of years ago and recently I’ve had a lot of fun playing it on my own so I thought I’d take time to record it. I really hate recording because it takes too much time so I just did one take with the guitar, added two drum tracks and then did 5 …

5 People One Guitar…and it’s awesome!

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Okay so I’m jumping on the bandwagon here…in fact my mother…yes, MY MOTHER was the one to show this to me and I’m now a huge fan of this group because they do some really creative stuff in their other videos as well. It seems as though the real brains behind the operation is the guy in the middle as …

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The Signature of Jesus #1

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Recently I was given a book to read by one of my good friends, Gregg Freeman.  He wrote this on the inside, “To Matt, my brother in Christ.  May the power of the Cross found within these pages, impact you as much as it has me for the cross of Christ.” Now, I don’t read every book someone suggests, but …


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I haven’t been sleeping.  I haven’t been reading.  I haven’t been praying.  I haven’t been living healthy.  I haven’t been working well.  I haven’t been blogging. Do you know why?  Because I haven’t been sleeping. I have had such a struggle over the last couple of years with sleep.  I’ve been going through another spell (the longest so far) where …

Andrew’s First Movie!

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These are some clips from Andrew’s third day here on earth! Hope you enjoy them! Shot and edited entirely on my iphone of course…what a world we live in!

John 6 – Part One

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A few weeks ago, my good friend George Ortiz spoke for the first time at our church…George is an up and coming student pastor at Lakeside.  He called me the night before and we talked about this very passage from which he did a great job speaking the next day. From that message and our conversation, this is what I …

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John 5 – Ansley’s Beliefs

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As a Christian who grew up in the church, I find that sometimes the most encouraging passages to read are those that deal with salvation.  In the midst of a world full of Christians who constantly tell you how to live, how to serve, how to work, it’s nice to hear Jesus set the record straight again – just believe. …

John 4 – Did Jesus Ever Baptize Anyone?

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Hey I have a quick question for you bible junkies…did Jesus ever baptize anyone?  I know in chapter 3 of John it says… They came to John and said to him, “Rabbi, that man who was with you on the other side of the Jordan—the one you testified about—well, he is baptizing, and everyone is going to him.” -John 3:26 …

Ansley & Grandma In The Park

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We don’t really have any recent pictures of Ansley to share (Wanna hear a secret?  We’re horrible parents!  Just kidding…)…good thing Megan does!  Anyway, these are moments from a day in the park with Grandma.  The park next to the church property.

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John 3 – “Inclusivity”

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First, let me write down some questions I have as I read this chapter… 1) Jesus says to Nicodemus “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again” (v.3).  For the Jew, what did the phrase “kingdom of God” mean? 2) Jesus starts relating being born again to the wind in …

My New Sister-In-Law

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As Becky continues with the pregnancy and I am just trying to make enough money to pay for it all, we’ve needed a lot of help around the house lately.  God has truly blessed us during this time as my brother and his somewhat new bride are home for the summer.  Rebecca has been over every day for hours helping …

Summit Dental

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Want a know a good way to make sure you’re receiving top quality dental care?  Do a good job designing your dentist’s new website!  After checking out the competition, I realized that the number of dentist’s with a decent website in this state may be close to “0” (give or take a few).  I don’t understand that…it’s an easy site …

Shawn Mullins – “Lullaby”

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One of my favorites…much better hearing it stripped down like this too.  Why is it so good?  Because he plays with a lot of feel…I can’t stand when someone plays acoustic without feel…and it should be illegal for a guy to have that rich a voice when speaking and then be that smooth singing the chorus as well!