Opportunity Knocks

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My reading was from Luke 4 today.  2 things grabbed my attention.  First, after Jesus was led into the wilderness for forty days and then was tempted by the devil, the passage says something interesting about Satan’s departure…

“When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left him until an opportune time.”

Luke 4:13

We must always be aware that Satan never misses a good opportunity.  He waits for us to be weak and then he pounces…like a lion, seeking someone to devour.  Our guard must be up, not just to be ready when attacks come, but we must not put ourselves out in the open for the lion to see.  We must avoid those “attack zones” and train ourselves to see them a mile off.

Jesus as a Rabbi

Luke tells us that Jesus went around speaking in synagogues.  Wait…I thought the religious leaders hated this guy?  Anyway, I don’t know who organizes the church services in the synagogues in those days, but it seems like someone didn’t get the memo.  People received him well too…until he starts on the judgment stuff.  I think people in general will listen to anyone saying what they want to hear.  However, give them some personal responsibility and they tune you out and call you judgmental.

Still, I like the image of Jesus teaching.  Just imagine, Jesus comes to your church this week and preaches from your pulpit.  What an incredible time it must have been.