Next Book: John

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With Becky in and out of the hospital as we prepare for our second child, Andrew, to be born, I have been longing to get back at digging into God’s Word.  I’ve been away for a couple of months now, so I’m out of practice.  I’ve decided to go to the Gospel of John for the next month or so.  It’s fitting I think….John starts Jesus life by pointing to John the Baptist who in turn points to Jesus.  The disciple called “Andrew” was mentored by John the Baptist and it was his direct ministry that led Andrew to accept Christ in the first place.  I think this book will have special meaning for me this time through it.

Here’s how I’m going to do this…each day that I sit down, I am going to read a chapter or maybe just a portion of a chapter of the book of John.  I’m also going to read some commentary on it from Bible Gateway and perhaps do more research but in the end, I’m just going to try to write a bit about how the passage speaks to me…whether or not I get the main point correct is not the goal this time.  I’m just hungry, know what I mean?  So onward we go and anyone who would like to comment can certainly do so on each individual post.