It’s Hard to Submit

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My Bible reading today was Romans chapter 9.  I don’t think there is a tougher portion of scripture to read and just accept as is.  It’s hard not to question some of the phrases found there, and yet, that is what the chapter is about – submission.  It begs an answer from me, “who am I to question God?”  I am 100% sold out to the God of the Bible, however, when I read passages like this, I begin to wonder if I’m really sold out more to the God that I have fashioned.  I think I take the parts of God that I agree with and pretend the other ones don’t exist. For example, I take the part of God that loves and died for everyone so that they might inherit eternal life, but I leave out the part where God chooses some for destruction to demonstrate His power.  That part doesn’t compute with me, so I leave it out.

Now I don’t feign to understand the complete meaning of Romans 9.  I’m not a theologian.  I need to be, but I’m not.  However, I do know that there is a part of God that leans more toward this doctrine of election than I care to admit or believe.  It’s uncomfortable for me and I choose not to accept it much of the time.

This morning my prayer is one of surrender and submission.  To the God who loves me just as I am, help me to love you as you say you are and not resent it.  Help me not to see it as a shortfall, but to trust that somehow with you there is complete foreknowledge and mercy at the same time.  What you choose to do and to be and whom you choose to have mercy on is Your business and I must stop questioning that.  You are God and I’m not.  I am Yours and I am chosen.  Thank You.