Here is Your King

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I imagine a lowly Jewish girl on the day of Christ’s crucifixion.  I imagine her seeing the crowd, the mob, making its way to the town square.  I imagine her getting caught up in the excitement, hearing the rumors, speculations on what this man did.  I imagine her even beginning to hate this man.  After all, she had grown up to love God and love his Word.  How could this man be so blasphemous?  He is no friend of God so He is no friend of mine.

But then I imagine Pilate bringing out the man.  Him beaten, flogged, stripped of all dignity and presented to the mob.  Pilate says 4 words – “Here is Your King” (John 19:14) and something changes in the girl’s heart.  She’s close enough to catch his eyes, and they are not those of lawbreaker or barbarian.  They are kind and full of compassion, and then He looks at her, and any bitterness she might have had toward this man is now long gone.  She feels so guilty for having felt it, so guilty for so many things she has done in her life, and yet…she sees something different now.  It’s almost as if he knew exactly what she was thinking because He looks at her with more love than she has ever seen before and silently mouths two words to her…”You’re forgiven”.  And that’s it.  In that moment, he has her.  He’s captured her heart and the words that Pilate spoke coming flooding back to her.  Only this time, they’re her own words, “Here is my King.”