Golfing with Papa, Brotha and Brotha From a Different Motha

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So I got to play in a scramble on Friday and it was a lot of fun.  Hubbard Golf Course at Hill Air Force Base is tough, but it’s beautiful.  Billy and I teamed up with Dad and Jordan and we did pretty well considering Jordan is new to the game and Dad just started playing again.  We finished at -3 and Jordan took some photos which I want to comment on a bit!  I will only post 3 of them and they are all of Jordan, showing his swing.  His swing isn’t perfect, but for a beginner, it looks pretty good.  He’s a natural athlete, so he’s easy to teach.

Jordan swing 1

First of all, I love Jordan’s backswing position.  We worked on this earlier in the week.  He was moving off the ball in the backswing and we worked on him making a more athletic swing.  That means having a stable lower body around which he can turn and generate a lot of torque.  Here you see his upper body is completely wrapped so that his back is facing the target.  His right leg is planted firmly so that he can turn around it.  He is looking right down over his left shoulder at the ball.  From here, he just needs to unwind naturally, releasing the torque that he has created by the resistance between his upper body and his right leg.

Jordan swing 2

As Jordan approaches the ball you can see the lag created between his hands and the clubface.  He hasn’t played long enough to get the timing right, so most of the time, he leaves the clubface open and hits a weak slice.  When he does get his hands through on time however, he hits a pretty good ball.  I thought it was great in the tournament when some of his bad shots were pull hooks.  He doesn’t know it, but that means he’s getting better.  In my opinion, new players always slice their bad shots and better players pull them the other way.  Most everything else looks good here for Jordan.   The left arm is pretty straight…the right arm is in, but needs to be tucked a little bit more so that he approaches the ball from the inside.  You can see his right heel is starting to come up too, indicating that his weight is transferring to his left side for impact.

Jordan swing 3

This final shot shows great impact position for Jordan, and if I wasn’t there, I would say from the photos that he is a pretty good player who hits a nice draw on a shot like this.  What makes his position here good is that his hips are turned toward  the target already.  I love it.

Once he learns how to hit the ball consistently, he’s going to be dangerous.  No kidding, he’s so physically fit, that he looks just like Tiger woods when he addresses the ball.  His only problem is that he pretty much hates the game when he’s playing.  Hopefully he keeps practicing, because I really enjoy playing with him.