Confessions at Thanksgiving Point

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I am really writing this so that I can look back some day at where I came from.

I recently played in the Utah Mid-Amateur Championship.  It is a tournament reserved for men at least 25 years of age and at least a 9.9 handicap index.  It was played at Thanksgiving Point – course that we played from the tips…7700 yards and 76.2 rating.  To put it in perspective, The PGA championship was played the next week at Hazeltine which was the longest course in major championship history at 7600 yards.

Let me cut to the chase…63 players registered for the 54-hole event.  Based on my handicap, I was number 59…only 4 players had worse handicaps than me.  I finished in 47th place.

I’m disappointed from that respect, however, that course is just so frustrating that I have only played once since.

Knowing the difficulty, all I wanted to do was break 90.  The first hole came and I 3 putted a doubled boguey.  Horrible start.  However, I parred the next 5 holes, triple bogueyed 8 parred 9, birdied 10 and parred 11.  I was on the 12th tee at 4 over par.  I took a triple on 12 and that was my best score on that hole of the 3 rounds.  No kidding.  I shot a 10 and an 11 the next 2.  I just couldn’t figure out how to hit a good drive and still find it somewhere.  Local course knowledge on this course is paramount.  I won’t play here in a tournament again unless I find some time to really get to know the course.  Example:  On the signature 17th hole, playing at 220 yards, I thought a 4 iron would be sufficient even though the tee is really elevated.  I ended up hitting the green and bouncing over.  Another case of a perfect shot gone bad.

In spite of my struggles, I shot 88 in the first round.  41 and 47, but I probably played just as well if not better on the back nine…I just didn’t know the course.  I felt like the 88 would suffice if I could duplicate it.  I just wanted to make the cut (top 50).

I won’t even bother to recollect the 2nd round.  They started us off the back and we had to finish the next day due to lightning.  I shot progressively worse, with a 96 and then a 107!  I have to say though that the 107 was mostly due to me only sleeping an hour the night before.

So there it is.  My 79 is obviously still out there to be had this year, but we’ll see.